So you’re born. You’re just perfect & you’re parents job is to keep you that way, right? Who’d want this perfect piece of smiling meat to get hurt in any way? That’s why you go to school, where you’re supposed to have everything figured out & unfold your perfect life plan.

But how convenient is it to be perfect?

Convenient enough to be invulnerable. Vulnerability is the most underrated word of the century. We’re living in a world of chaos & uncertainty with baby powder still on. Our parents & teachers often made us believe that we can always take the good decisions without getting hurt.

But when you ask them “Where do the good decisions come from?”, they’ll tell you good decisions come from experience. They’ll also tell you experience comes from bad decisions. But bad decisions hurt & they leave scars.

That they won’t tell you.

I’ve come to realize that the wounds opened by bad decisions are to be celebrated for they’re the place where the light enters. Letting the light enters leads to the deepest insights of what’s inside yourself, often crawling into the darkness of your fears.

Think about it.

When was the last time you’ve learned something with all your being? Brain, body, heart, soul, altogether. If you’re anything like me, chances are it was during a breakup or the loss of a beloved one. You know, when it feels like you had your heart ripped off your chest, leaving a gaping hole. That’s when the light enters you & unearth deep chunks of truth.

Celebrate your wounds. And when you heal (and trust me you will), don’t be ashamed of your scars. They mean you overcame the pain, learned a great lesson and most of all, that you grew stronger.

You made it.