For some time now, I’ve recurrently experimenting something on myself and on friends. I named it the ‘coffee test’.

When someone I know (myself included) has mixed feelings about his life, about his actions, or about a choice he’s got to make, I often experiment the ‘coffee test’:

Picture yourself in the afternoon, we’re having coffee at Starbuck’s, there’s no rush. Now, you step outside the coffee. If you could do anything you want to do and go everywhere you want to go, what would you do, where would you go?

If the answer’s not related to what you’re spending the most of your time on, chances are you need to dig in a little further.

This test allows you to observe what comes to your mind & heart when anything is possible. Not that you need to quit your job and go trekking in South America, but it gives you an indication on what moves your innermost being.

The idea is not to judge yourself, it’s just to observe and acknowledge.

And take action.

So, what would you do, where would you go?