Remembering we are the beginning, not the end.

These times we see a massive shift towards self-improvement. We hear/read/talk everyday more about personal growth and happiness hacking is almost a sport now.

It’s great. No, it’s amazing. We’ve been —as a society— avoiding ourselves for so many years through a complex network of distractions (medications, food, addictions, debts). It was time we took the courage to look at ourselves and start healing.

Pretending is a game awakened people hate playing. We’ve started the quest of exploring our authentic self. Each of us has its different way, meditation, yoga, spiritual readings or going back to nature, but the starting point is the same:

Beginning with ourselves.

Beginning with oneself is crucial. Self-awareness is key. Once we’ve awakened, we start exploring ourselves with a never-ending curiosity, discovering that our inside universe is as big as the outside one. That’s a pretty exciting time, right?

It definitely is. But we need to remember that we are the beginning, not the end. We’re the starting point, not the goal. And that’s tricky. Because self-improvement is a never-ending path. Uncovering our true self —as exciting as it gets— is a journey, not a destination. It’s tempting to stop contemplating the flowers alongside the road, but we have to keep moving. Moving towards each other.

Remember that we’re just a container, a vessel in a quest for unconditionality. Remember that our continuous improvement is aimed at something greater, rendered useless if kept for ourselves.

Because giving is all we have.

When you’ll struggle on your way —which you’ll do, big time— just give. Remember that it all comes down to that. Don’t make it about you, make it about them.

When you’ll have those dark clouds over your head, just give. It’ll make them go away.

Smile to people when it’s raining, like you didn’t care about getting wet but cared about them not being happy.

Text a friend “I was thinking of you, I hope you’re doing great” not because it will make yourself happier (which it will for sure) but because it’ll make him or her happy.

Call you mother and ask her how’s she doing lately, what she’s been up to. Not because you want to know, but to give her the chance to tell you.

Give gifts with your hands, your mouth, your heart, your thoughts.

Because you mean to the world more than you know,
just give with all your strength.