After having co-founded a couple of (failed) startups in 2010-2012, I jumped the fence to join The Family as part of the founding team in 2013. We backed hundred of founders across Europe and I fought alongside them for 7 years 💪🏽. I had the chance to deeply explore and understand more than 15 European hubs, meet thousands of folks from the European tech ecosystem and make a bunch of amazing friends across the continent.

I'm now making money online & investing my free time writing (🇬🇧) & podcasting (🇫🇷) my thoughts on a topic that fascinates me: The post-permission world or how internet changed the game and allowed an entire generation to bypass traditional gatekeepers for the 1st time in history. Anyone can learn anything online, build something new and distribute it all over the world. All without asking anyone's permission:

  • 🎶 Artists get millions of views on Spotify without labels
  • 📺 YouTubers build media empires without TV
  • 📻 Podcasters without Radio
  • 🌎 Startupers build worldwide products without investors
  • 🛍 Shopifyers sell millions of items without retailers
  • 👨‍🏫 Teachers build global classrooms without universities
  • ✍🏽 Writers aggregate 1000s of subscribers without newspapers

This new post-permission reality is at the crossroads of several worlds: The entrepreneurial age, the passion economy, the no-code movement, the indie hackers mindset, the creators economy. I'm still trying to make sense out of all this and I decided to write in order to find coherence a posteriori.

If you love that topic or just want to get in touch -- drop me an email here or a follow there! 🙌🏽